Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Honest to God Truth

Today I did something that I've never done before. I had to present a report to a Magistrate at the Law Courts building and I had to Swear an Oath on the Bible. An affidavit is a formal sworn statement of fact signed by the author and witnessed by a taker of oaths. I was asked if I wanted to affirm my document with an oath or if I wanted to swear on a Bible. Being a believer in God, I thought why wouldn't I swear on a Bible? I've heard this is done by people when they are in a legal court case, seen it on TV, so sure, why not.

She told me to take the Bible in my right hand, and place my left hand on top of my documents. She then asked me something to the effect of, "Do you swear that the information you have provided here is true?" and she went on to say some other things that I can't remember right now. As she was reciting this oath, I was starting to question myself, if I could actually say that everything there was the truth or not. In a split second, I did not doubt myself for a moment. Everything I had documented was true to the best of my knowledge. When she stopped talking, I stated, "Yes, I do". With God as my witness, I promise this to be true. Part of me felt like God was within me, and I couldn't knowingly lie to myself/God. The "Kingdom of God Within", isn't that what some people say?

Now I can say I've sworn on a stack of Bibles (well, one at least). It seems like it would be a good tool to use when you are quizzing your kids on what's going on if you want the honest truth. Hey, maybe I'm onto something here.

Have a wonderful day!

~ Angela Gentile

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