Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to be More Interesting and Less Boring

Get out, do new things.  Do something different.  It will give you something interesting to talk about.

Learn to say "yes" to new experiences from time to time.

A change of scenery may be what you need to ignite some energy.

Find your passion for discovery and choose to live life to the fullest.

Be creative.  Start something new.  

Be less predictable, and become a little more unpredictable.  Be spontaneous. 

Get out of your routine rut.  Jump the curb. 

Think outside the box.

Take a stand on something, and be able to back it up.

Do something silly.  Laugh at yourself.  Laugh with others. 

When people ask you questions, don't answer with just a one or two word answer.  Elaborate, make it into a story if you can.  Don't overdo it though.

Listen to or watch the news.  Form an opinion about it, listen to the opinions of others.

Volunteer for an agency.  That will give you something interesting to talk about.

Go to a restaurant or café that you've never been to before.  Try a different menu item.

Get excited about something. 

Have a cause.  Be passionate about something. Boring people don't have interesting things to say.

Have a party or get together. Invite fun and interesting people. 

Embrace a hobby and get involved with others that share the same passion.

Invite a friend or friends to do something fun or different.

Be positive and uplifting.  Be encouraging.  Show interest in other people's lives.

Say "Yes" to invitations and suggestions to do something with people you like being with.

Be enthusiastic about something.  It can be contagious.

Come "out of your shell" sometimes.  Get others to do the same.

Play more.  Organize a games night.  Do some research on the internet and come up with something fun to do at the next family or friend get-together.

Do a "Happy Dance" when something good happens.

Learn a new skill, or take a course in something cool.

Make the best of whatever situation you are in.  Focus on what is good or positive. 

Meet new people when you are at a party or get-together.  Initiate conversation.

Wear bright, bold colours and prints.  Wear a new style or fashion.  Ladies-try a new lipstick color. Change your hair colour or style.

Compliment others.  Praise them. Smile.  Get them excited about something.

Get out of your comfort zone.  Try to be less serious.  Take risks. Do something strange.

Challenge yourself.  Push your limits.  Add some excitement to your life.

Plan an adventure.  It could be as far away as Hawaii, or as close as the local park.  Share what you learn, see and do with others.  Some people like to live vicariously through others.

Laugh at other people's jokes.

Plan a surprise party.  Or just plan to surprise someone.

Play harmless, practical jokes on people.

Flirt as appropriate.

Be confident in yourself.  Take care of yourself.  People prefer that over an insecure, unkempt person.

Sometimes be a little louder, a little bolder.

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Have an exciting, interesting day!

Angela Gentile

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