Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mr. Girl

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I was browsing in a store the other day, and there were two little kids with their mom shopping in the same area of the store as myself.  The kids were sitting in a double stroller (similar to the picture above).  I had given them a warm smile, because they looked so cute.  They were even giggling at one point.   The girl was about 3 years and the boy was about 1.  He was holding a sippy cup in his hands.  Their mom was looking at some books on a shelf, with her back to the children, and suddenly I heard something hard and plastic fall to the floor, close to my feet.  I looked down, and saw that the little boys cup had fallen onto the floor.  I turned back to what I was doing, assuming that the mother would pick up the cup.

A few seconds later, I heard in a very small, sweet female voice,

"Mr. Girl, he dropped his cup".

My heart just melted when I heard this faint, polite plea for assistance.  I willingly bent down to pick up the cup and returned it to the little boy, smiling at both of the children.

Their Mom noticed what had occurred, and smiled back and said, "Thank you".

That's the first time I have ever been called "Mr. Girl".  It was so sweet.

Have a great day!

~ Angela Gentile

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