Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Little Don Juan ♥

With Romeo and Juliet, you're talking about two people who meet one night, and get married the same night.  I believe in love at first sight - but it hasn't happened to me yet.  
- Leonardo DiCaprio
My 13-year-old daughter, Simone, went to a local fast food restaurant with four of her friends.  They had finished eating, and went over to the play structure to "hang out".  My daughter noticed a young blond-haired boy, about six years old, staring at her from the play structure.  She was sitting on the side of the structure, and he came over and asked,

     "Do you want to be my friend?"
     "I would LOVE to be your friend", she replied.

They exchanged names.  He went on to tell her that she was "so beautiful".  Her friends were snickering and enjoying the exchange between Simone and this young boy, apparently awestruck.

Then he asked,

     "Oh, do you want to get married?"

     "Ya, of course I'd get married", she said.

He started to follow her everywhere.  Then he started holding on to her arm, and hugging her.  He started to kiss her hand, and put his arm around her.  At this point, she was feeling a little uncomfortable, and wished that he would leave her alone.  She devised a get-away plan.  She said a little white lie, and told this little boy that one of her male friends was in fact her boyfriend.  This little boy then started standing up to him, and he was shaking his fist in his face.  All of Simone's friends were holding back their laughter at this point, trying not to make this little boy feel bad.  At one point this little Don Juan was thinking of kissing her on the lips, but Simone was able to divert a very awkward moment by saying that she couldn't kiss him on the lips, because then it would be like cheating on her "boyfriend".

Eventually Simone left the play structure area, and the little boy went over to share his excitement with his Grandmother.  She came over to Simone, smiled, and said in an embarrassing tone, "It sounds like you have a little admirer".  Simone replied equally embarrassed with, "Um, ya". 

As Simone and her friends were leaving the restaurant, this little boy said, desperately,

     "Are you gonna come back?" as he blew her a kiss.

     "Ya, I'll be back", she replied; and smiled.

Have a nice day!

~ Angela Gentile

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