Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Be a Good Friend and Play Nice on Facebook

Interacting on social networks like Facebook can be a whole lot of fun if you know how to make it fun.  It’s a great place to develop, maintain and nurture relationships in this busy world we live in.  There are many ways that you can be nice to people on Facebook, and here are some tips for you so that you can make someone’s day a little brighter and keep connected through Facebook.

The “Like” button:  When you read a post you like, view a photo that is outstanding, or read someone’s comment, click on the “Like” or “Thumbs Up” button.  Facebook will notify that person that someone has “Liked” their post or comment, and it will make them feel good.  Knowing that others are reading and viewing their posts and take the time to show their appreciation makes them feel connected.  Use it instinctively.  If something makes you smile, laugh, or moves you in some way, click on “Like”.  Liking something shows you are interested, like, love or agree with what was posted, be it a photo, video, link, or comment.

Birthdays:  If a notification pops up on the right hand side of your page that it's someone’s birthday, send the person a quick birthday greeting. To make them feel really good post something more personal on their wall.  You can post pictures, videos or comments.  

Tagging:  “Tag” people in pictures that are flattering.  If you post something of someone else, let them know you are posting it so that they can comment or tag themselves if they want. 

Status:  Post witty or funny statuses.  If you can make someone smile or laugh, that’s a good thing. Try to update your status at least once a day.

Photos:  Post beautiful, funny or interesting photos. People like to see something that is quick and easy to enjoy.  

Thank You:  Reply with a comment, “Thank You” when they post on your wall or make nice comments.  Good manners go a long way in keeping connected and encouraging people to engage with you on Facebook.

Write a comment…”: Favourable comments in reply to statuses and posts are preferred.  Humour goes a long way. If something you read or view makes you laugh out loud, ensure you post a comment that states “LOL” (laugh out loud) or “That made me laugh”.   Let them know what you’re thinking.  This can make the other person know that you are paying attention.
Comment on people’s photos:  That usually gets a good discussion going.  Compliment them if it is flattering, let them know they look nice.  Comment if it’s funny.  Get a conversation going.

Supportive comments: Offer condolences or kind words to those who are posting about difficulties or sad times in their lives.  This support can mean a lot to them and help them through a difficult time.

Comments on your wall or news feed:  If someone comments on your wall, create a dialog  by commenting back to them.  Keep the conversation alive.

Posting videos or news items you come across on the Internet:  News items usually have a "Share" button. You can usually share to your Facebook very easily. Add your own comments to the post. If someone else posts something on their wall that you’d like to share with your friends, click the “Share” button under their post on your News Feed so that the person gets credit for bringing it to your attention.  This is also good manners and it prevents the person from feeling like you are “stealing” their idea.

YouTube videos :  Videos on that you find are very easy to share on your Facebook wall. If you find something you like and it makes you laugh, informs or touches you in some way, share it. Chances are others on your friends list will like it too.

Home videos and photographs:
  These are the best way to invite others into your life.  If you keep your Friends list personal, with people you can trust, this is a great way to share your life with others.  Reconsider doing this if your Friends list includes people you don't really know too well.

What other ways can you be a good friend and play nice on Facebook?  Please add your comments below.

Have a great day!
~ Angela Gentile

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