Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cut the Drama! Stop Complaining.

A couple of years ago I heard about this movement called, "A complaint free world".  The idea is that you wear a Complaint Free purple bracelet and you don't complain when you wear it.  To reduce drama in your life, one of the things you can do is stop complaining.  The absence of complaints really does make you feel better.  I remember taking the 30 day challenge and it was a good experience.  Wearing the bracelet really did remind me not to complain and I did feel better.  The bracelets were free. So far they've given out over 6 million bracelets worldwide.  Take the challenge by trying not to complain, just for one day.  You may find it harder than you think.

"A Complaint Free World, inc. is a non-profit, non-religious 501c3 organization which provides Complaint Free purple bracelets and other materials to help people affect positive change in their lives by becoming Complaint Free."

Check out the website to learn more.

Have a wonderful, complaint-free day!

~ Angela Gentile

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