Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bully Blaster

How can you get back at the bullies?  Rub your success right in their face!

Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle was on Oprah earlier this week, and she wore sparkly shoes and looked radiant and polished as she sang for the audience.  She talked about her new book and her new CD.  She also talked about how she was bullied as a child. She said she tried to fight back and she didn't feel loved.  Thanks to her newfound stardom, things have changed a lot.  Oprah asked Susan if she felt like a princess, and Susan said she did, because she feels loved now.  Oprah asked her to talk about what it was like to be bullied as a child, and Susan said it was devastating. The physical abuse was difficult, but the worst was the name calling (and she wouldn't share what names she was called).  Oprah asked if these bullies were still around, and Susan said she thought they were.  Oprah then said, with a mischevious look on her face, "You should send them a signed copy of your newest CD.  With a note, saying How do you like me now?  Susan's face lit up and she and Oprah did a high five.  The audience was cheering with delight.  A message that Susan wanted to share was that she said it's a good thing if you can focus on something and do it well.

Susan sang a beautiful song on Oprah's stage, and there was a large choir singing with her. It was nice to see such a heartfelt interview and performance.  Watch Susan Boyle perform Don't Dream it's Over, here:

Her new autobiography, The Woman I was Born to Be, and her new CD The Gift are sure to entertain.

I wonder what those bullies are thinking of her now?

~ Angela Gentile

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