Saturday, July 17, 2010

Exercise - A Family Affair

The other evening, my entire family made plans to go to our local gym (GoodLife Fitness).  My husband and I have been a member for a couple years.  My son, being 14, was able to get a free membership for the summer. This offer is available to teens aged 14-17 years.  There is a form you have to complete online, and you make an appointment so that your teen can go through an orientation.  My daughter, being 12, is not eligible for this membership.  For $10, she can go as a guest with a paying member (me). 

We used the elliptical, the treadmill, the resistance training weights, the mats, the medicine balls, the bosu balls, the exercise balls and the stretching machine.  I also saw my husband and son go over to the free weights section.  My daughter was able to enjoy the electric massage chair.

I brought my earbuds, and while I was doing my cardio workout, I watched an interesting program on the television.  I was able to watch my kids "compete" on the treadmill.  When does sibling rivalry ever end?

All-in-all, it was a great hour spent with my family, while we were being active and taking care of ourselves.    What does your family do for family fun and exercise?

Have a good day!

~ Angela Gentile

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