Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Are Loved

“Singing brings out in me what I can't normally bring out in everyday life. It's an incredible feeling to be able to bare your soul to people you've never met in a way that can make them understand so clearly what you mean. That's what I love most about singing ... it becomes my truest form of communication.”
 - Josh Groban

One of my favourite musicians is Josh Groban.  His last album, called Awake, was just beautiful.  I was privileged enough to be able to see him in concert in 2008.  I went with my best friend and my husband.  The opening song was, You Are Loved (Don't Give Up).  To this day, this song makes me feel good whenever I hear it.  I think Josh's voice is perfect, and his singing makes my soul feel good.  One of the most popular songs he has done is You Raise Me Up.  It is a very inspirational song as well.

Do you have a favourite artist that speaks to your soul?  I hope so.  If you'd like to hear my favourite song by Josh, click on this link to bring you to a YouTube video:  Josh Groban - You are Loved (Don't Give up).

Have a great day, and remember, You Are Loved!

~ Angela

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