Saturday, May 29, 2010

Billboard Advice

While travelling through North Dakota, I came across three thought-provoking billboards.  The first said, "Be Grateful".  The second said, "Be Kind" and the third said, "Be Polite".  I am very curious to find out who pays for these billboards.  These signs were in and around the Fargo area. 

I did a bit of research, and all I could find was a reference in Wikipedia, in the category, Billboard.  It states: "Non-commercial advertisement is used around the world by governments and non-profit organisations to obtain donations, volunteer support or change consumer behavior".  There is a picture of a billboard, that says "Smile".  I read on someone else's blog that there is a sign that says "Smile".  I guess I missed that one.

This got me thinking about how this kind of "advising" is so positive and uplifting.  I am wondering what other people make of these billboards.  For those of us who appreciate the reminders to stay focussed on the positive, or the bright side of life, this is a great tool to help make the community a better place.  On the other hand, it's very odd to see these signs amongst all kinds of advertising for hotels, restaurants and local attractions.  They seem quite out of place, therefore, they stand out.  They are hard to miss.

Someone had a good idea and thought it might plant some seeds of happiness and kindness to the travellers who happen upon these signs.  Funny how in this day and age, we need someone telling us what to do, and how to act, in the ethical and moral sense.  I appreciate the signs, and it does make me stop to think about what I am grateful for, and how I can be kind and polite. 

When you are travelling, take note of the signs that stand out, and hopefully they are good ones!

Have a grateful, polite and kind day!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for good stuff

Angela Gentile said...

Dear Anonymous-You're welcome! Glad you found my blog. Have a great day!
~ Angela

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

I loved these signs as well. In the 50's there was all kinds of messages about how good citizens should act, and we have been reacting against that kind of controlled sentiment for some time now. At this point it feels like people really dont congnisize good behaviour, as life is all about "ME", "My concerns", Greed, and worse. I find the simplicity in these signs profound, and it was the "BE KIND" sign that made it feel sincere instead or propoganda. Its so cool you wrote about this because everyone here thinks I was dreaming about the signs. Thanks for posting. Chris

Anonymous said...

It was the "BE KIND" sign that made them feel sincere, instead of propoganda or religeon to me. I find these signs profound, and mirror the way I choose to live my life, which is within gratitude, and in being a good citizen. These are a good sign, ha ha. thanks for posting. Chris

Angela Gentile said...

Thanks for your comments, Chris. Glad you enjoyed my post.