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Girl Gone Wild - Madonna (Rated R)

Madonna has been considered to be one of the greatest figures in music
and one of the most influential women in history
I am a huge Madonna fan, and seeing her in concert is one of those things that I must do one day.  I grew up with her, remembering her "Like a Virgin" and "Vogue" days as she climbed to super stardom.  Her music, her outrageous performances, her volatile relationships, her "potty" mouth and her ability to thrill, offend and fascinate always kept me entertained.  Most importantly, Madonna was a woman - a woman who showed strength and courage and encouraged all people to "Express" themselves.  I idolized her as I grew up.   I enjoyed watching her in movies, music videos, and in interviews.

However, when she put out her "Sex" book (1992), I felt that she had gone too far.  Her naked body, the sex-scenes, her explicit storytelling, it was all too much for me.  I took a bit of a break from her at that point.  She had "gone wild".  I was newly married and was thinking of starting a family.  She peed me off.

She kissed women on stage.  She burned crosses.  She wore pointy bras.  She grabbed her crotch.  I had a "Love-Hate" relationship with her for a few years.

I started to revisit her again, watching her as she had her two children.  She got married.  She adopted two children from Malawi.  She had gained my respect and admiration.  I continued to enjoy all her music, new and old.  I watched her act.  I watched her produce.  I read her books.

Now that my children are well on their way to young adulthood, I can appreciate all that Madonna stood for.  She paved the way for women, and is considered a leading figure in the sex-positivity movement.  She is a big supporter of charitable organizations.  Madonna and I had our first child within a year of each other (mine was born first).  I now own a copy of "Sex", and although I haven't read it through, I am thankful that I have a part of her that was so controversial.

She is causing quite a controversy now as well.  She is on tour again (I have tickets for the November 2012 MDNA tour) and according to the media, she is "crying for attention" by exposing herself.  First a breast, then her buttocks.  At 53, I think she is able to do whatever she wants.  She's doing what Madonna has always done as a leader in the sex-positivity movement.  She's breaking the mold when it comes to what 53 looks like.  The media's reaction to her behaviour has been incredible.  In one article they referred to her as an "elderly performer" and another article said her "behaviors are a sad defense against aging and her attempt to hold onto her previous sex symbol image".

I am quite intrigued by what Madonna is doing.  She's being herself, true to form.  She is shocking her audience, pushing her fans to the limits, all the while delighting with her incredible iconic talent.  Lady Gaga has had her share of attention these days...move over Lady.  The Queen is in the house.  I admire Madonna's fearless spirit, her ability to push the limits, and the excitement she brings to our world.  (I am sorry for those who are offended by her outrageous acts and understand the haters are going to hate).

Madonna (53) and her boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat (25).
She is dating a much younger man.  She's obviously still "got it".  She's a woman, she's having fun, and she's enjoying her life.  Still a very sexual being.  She proves women can be sexy as they move into the second half of life.  In the age of "Fifty Shades of Grey", why can't all women enjoy their sexuality?  In a society that values youth and beauty, it's nice to see a mature woman who is confident crusader.  It's all in the name of show biz.

The lyrics to Madonna's new song, Girl Gone Wild, includes lyrics such as, "But I'm a bad girl, anyway, forgive me".  Her true fans will forgive her AND thank her.  Thank her for being herself and being true to her outrageous, "express yourself" self.  I enjoy watching her challenging societies current view of what getting older looks like.  Maybe it's my alter ego, the part of me that secretly wishes I were her.

I am liking this "Girl Gone Wild".   Sex-positivity after 50.  After all, age is just a number.

See this article from The Sun, in England - Women Defend 53-year-old Madonna.  Madonna was right to bare her boob at 53.  (nudity - please view with discretion).

Angela Gentile

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