Friday, March 9, 2012

Blackout Loving Cake

Blackout Loving Cake

"What is Blackout Loving Cake?" I ask our server as I point to the listing on the dessert menu at Santa Lucia Pizza, Greek and Italian Cuisine.

She says, "It's a rich, chocolate cake.  Pure chocolate".

I look at my husband, and we agree, we'll share a piece.

She brings it to the table, with two forks.

A huge dark tower of chocolate cake comes to the table, garnished with fluffy whipping cream, chocolate sauce drizzled on the plate in a decorative fashion.

It is a rich, dark chocolate cake, layered with a velvety, creamy, ganache-like chocolate filling.  The filling reminded me of what's inside the Dark Lindt Chocolates, only thicker or denser. The cake was topped off with rich, smooth, dark chocolate icing.

We are both satisfied sharing one piece.  We are also satisfied with the price at $5.95.

For a little history and a sample recipe if you want to try making your own, go to this link:

Would definitely order that again.  Great for chocolate connoisseurs.

Have a great day!

Angela Gentile

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