Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life is Good

Life is good wheel cover
I was sitting in my car one day, and I noticed this wheel cover on the back of a Jeep.  It was so bright and cheerful, that it made me wonder what this "Life is good" trademark stood for.  I went to the "Life is Good" website, and I was quite impressed with their products and services.  Not only do they carry great looking merchandise, their website was full of quick, upbeat sayings like,

The Art of optimism, and

Laughter has no foreign accent.

They even have a Life is Good radio station.

What most impressed me was their "Playmakers" program.  This is a program that is dedicated to training caregivers to teach children how to discover joy, although they may have gone through some very difficult times in their lives.  Here is a great video that you should check out so that you can see what they are doing, and that Life is Good.

You can click on the arrow above, or to to this YouTube link:

You can even enter a raffle to win $50 Life is Good online Gift Certificate for subscribing -

Have a great day, and I hope your Life is Good!

~ Angela Gentile

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