Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Magic!

From my personal hand-written journal, dated August 15, 2003.

     Yesterday, the kids and I went to "Peak of the Market".  They were having a fundraiser for cancer research.  There were lots of free things including a magic show, by "Anders".  Lorenzo, Simone and I arrived at about 12:10, at the place where he was setting up.  The show was to begin at 12:30.  Lorenzo, Simone and I found a spot, front row and centre.  Simone (5 yrs) kept looking at my watch, waiting for the big hand to get down to the "bottom".  Then she asked me if she could wear my watch, and I let her.  I told her to be very careful with it. 

     Anders finally started his show.  Lorenzo (8 yrs) went up and helped with a rope trick (he'd done it before).  Then Anders asked me to come up, and he took my hand and helped me up to the front.  He told me that he was giving me some keys and they were very important - for the end of the show.  He had a silver box, that the keys opened.  He told me to take the keys in my left hand, and he crossed them over, reassuring me they were in my left hand.  He then told me to sit down, and to hang on to the keys.  Better yet, he told me to put them into my pocket.

     The show went on for awhile, and I wanted to know what time it was.  I looked at my wrist, and my watch was gone!  I asked Simone if she still had my watch, and she said, "No", that she gave it back to me.  I was looking in my purse, pulling everything out.  I looked in my pockets, looked on the ground where I was sitting, where Simone was sitting, then I started panicking.  I thought that maybe I dropped it, and someone nearby stole it.

     Then Anders tells me it's time for me to come up, with the keys.  He opens up the first box, and there's another box.  He opens up the next box, and there's another.  The boxes are getting progressively smaller.  We open up about five boxes, and the last one is now in front of me.  He opens it up, and says, "Can you see what's inside?"  I say, "No".  Then he tilts the box, and says, "Now can you see what's inside?" and he pulls  out my watch!  I am truly amazed and freaked out and I exclaim, "My watch!  I was looking all over for that!"  I still don't know how he did it.  I told him after, "That was so freaky".  He thanked me.

     I was so relieved and freaked out at the same time.  The kids really got a charge out of it, too.

Have a great day!

~ Angela Gentile


Anders said...

It's great to hear your account of being victim to a pickpocket. It's interesting to hear how it feels from your side of the "footlights"

Thanks for letting me know about it.

Angela Gentile said...

Thanks again Anders! Thanks for stopping by. Keep up the good work!