Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to Enhance Your Sense of Humor

Would you like to laugh more?  Some people have a better ability to make jokes, crack a one-liner, or laugh at themselves. Here are 19 Ways to Enhance Your Sense of Humor.

1. Crack a smile.  It's a start to preparing yourself for seeing the bright or light side of things.
2. Watch a comedy. Watch your favourites again.
3. Recall some of your embarrassing moments and share them in a funny way.
4. Laugh off life's little annoyances.
5. Read the comics and cut out the ones that remind you of your own life.
6. Make a family photo album and add funny captions to the pictures.
7. At dinner, share a funny or embarrassing moment of the day.
8. When someone makes you angry, respond with humor.
9. Check out Dave Letterman's Top 10 List Archive.
10. Have a giggling session once a day.
11. Check out the events listings and attend one that's laugh-inducing (circus, comedy clubs, plays).
12. Add at least one humorous item to your to-do list every day and do it.
13. Ask friends to tell you something funny that has happened to them (vs. gossip).
14. Find a humor buddy to share funny things with.
15. Exaggerate and overstate problems.  Exaggeration is a sure way to make things sound funnier.
16. Develop a silly routine to break up a dark mood (use a Swedish accent for example).
17. Develop a "Ha-Ha Bulletin Board" and post funny sayings and other humorous things on it.
18. Experiment with jokes.  Try to tell a new joke every week.
19. Focus humor on yourself.

One that I'd like to add:
20.  Find humorous things on the internet that you can return to for a good laugh. There are videos on YouTube and there are many websites devoted to jokes and funny pictures.

I hope you can think of ways to bring more humor and laughter into your life.  You know what they say, "Humor is the best medicine".  I know I really appreciate being around people that make me laugh.  

For the complete article, go to Reader's Digest:  http://www.rdasia.com/enhance-your-sense-of-humor

Have a fun-filled, humorous day!

~ Angela Gentile

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