Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vino Bianco (White Wine)

Melini Orvieto, 2009
White Wine from Italy
When I was in Rome, I tried some really nice white wines.  When we got back home to Canada, I told my husband that my mission was to find a really nice white wine similar to the one I had when in Rome.  One day he went to the MLCC Liquor Mart and came back with a wine called, "Melini Orvieto".  It's a medium sweet Italian wine, and it's very affordable at $8.95.  It tasted very similar to what was served with my cannelloni dinner in Rome and it was perfect.  He said he had spent some time talking to the sales clerk in the store and learned about different white wines.  I had tried a "Pinot Grigio" from Italy, but I didn't like it as much.  This one was really good.

I enjoy a glass of wine with a meal, or sometimes on its own when I am relaxing.  It's also nice to have wine with cheese.  Wine is a great choice when socializing with friends and as a gift it is always appreciated.


~ Angela Gentile

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